2017 Intensives

April 27-30, 2017 – St. Francis Springs Prayer Center – Subject to be Announced

September 28-October 1, 2017 – St. Francis Springs Prayer Center – Subject to be Announced

FALL 2016

                                     ”Once awake and committed, we become caretakers of the new vision for our Earth. In order to stay poised in the chaos, we need to be both still and skilled. That vision asks us to become practical mystics whose inspirations are from the heavens and whose feet are on the ground. All of the classes, workshops and intensives are designed to support that balance.”


There is one more space for the November 12 workshop.  We will take a wait

list after that fills because Gloria is considering doing another set of these.


   Saturday, October 8, 2016 – 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

VENUE: Winston-Salem, North Carolina



                The questions change as we claim the truths of our inner self.  Who is in charge here?  Who and what has power in my life?  What shall I do with the talents I have?  With money, energy, time, status, privilege, education, knowledge, — with all my many resources?

                 Who and what will have power in my life?

                  What am I going to give up in order to take the next step in my journey?  When I no longer give authority to the outside and have arrived at my own cosmic edge, then I must trust my place in the universe; listening  to inner guidance, I increasingly need to refine discernment and take full responsibility for all my choices. That freedom brings a whole new set of challenges and questions to the material world.

                   As the deepest soul intention takes charge, it absorbs more and more of our personality, integrating and redirecting many of our talents. Sometimes priorities  suddenly change as does the management of one’s daily life and resources. Management of one’s energies from moment to moment is part of integrated training.  Often we can be ambivalent on the subject of power — attracted by the possibilities to do good with it and wary of it’s misuses we have observed or experienced.

                  Knowing that all real power comes from the Spiritual Source within, we will examine the very human questions of standing fearlessly in the power of our own truths with clarity and poise.

Limited Number of Participants

Fee:  $95.00

REGISTRATION: Call  336-724-2027 or email:  libbypc@triad.rr.com



Saturday, November 12, 2016 – 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

VENUE:   Winston-Salem, North Carolina


               We have flowed with it, fought with it, saved it, abused it, managed it, cried over it, tried to control it, suffered  from lack of it and a dozen other ways of handling this reality that we often insist doesn’t exist, and then we run out of it

                It is easy to surrender to frenzy at this intensified moment in our evolution. But many things we value and aspire to have to marinate, unfold, reveal their truths. Soundbites can collapse into the posture of a cartoon character sitting in a meditative pose with the caption: “c”mon inner peace; I don’t have all day.”

                 Every religion and mystical tradition has its own alternative form of time: recurrent, cyclic, cosmic, sacred, timeless. Each one proposed ways of escaping the bond of ordinary time which, subjectively experienced, sometimes races and sometimes plods. All traditions teach ways to transcend.

                  Direct, intuitive knowing transcends time.  Precognition, retrognition, prophecy, premonitions, healing sudden knowing, synchronicity all challenge our careful  sequential sense of time.

                    This workshop is not about managing time per se. There are lots of books on that. Rather it is about various ways we perceive time and are conscious with it, or not. It’s about our relationship to time. And our choices. It’s about making one more step toward being aware that there is plenty of time — and — the time is now, like a wave and a particle, it is both happening now and is moving.

                     As we chose this time to be incarnated, it is important that we show up for all the opportunities the present offers us, acknowledging that our soul mandates will be fulfilled in the context of the rushing demands of our world. Each of us can create a still island of peace in which we live both in Kiros, eternal time and Kronos, Earth time. Not one, Not the Other. Both… simultaneously.

                              When one sees Eternity in things that pass away,

                               And Infinity in finite things, then one has pure knowledge.

                                                                              —– The Bhagavad Gita                                                                                 

Limited Number of Participants

Fee:  $95.00

REGISTRATION: Call  336-724-2027 or email:  libbypc@triad.rr.com







by Gloria Karpinski

   Her tears salted the bowl of water filling fast with the blood of my middle finger, slashed in a whirling bicycle wheel, teased there by an irresistible orange paper flying round the spokes and the boy’s taunt:

         “Just put your finger in, Gloria” … and I did, I was three years old.   Her hands folded mine in her own, commanding the red flow to cease.

            It is the earliest memory of my Mothers hands.


    I often watched her hands gracefully skim the keys of the piano; sat on her bed while she painted the tips of her fingers red; lightly powder her face (only a little; she never needed much) clasp a necklace in place with a wink toward me as she sashayed around the bedroom, happy and ready for Friday night out with Daddy.

   I though she was surely the most beautiful woman in the world.


   Eye level with the counter top I waited with saliva filled mouth…alert…knowing I would soon lick the knife and spoon she deftly swirled as her hands conjured up her magic elixirs: pound cakes, lemon imaginations, chocolate drop cookies and “no-names,” always the favorite.

   Well…that and the best Mac and Cheese in the South.  And, yes, those always-busy, rarely-resting hands on occasion impatiently slammed pots in the kitchen, snapped the air with unequivocal directions, demanding and getting everyone’s full attention — and obedience. But, like the occasional storm, the air was soon clear and the hands returned to shaping the world around her to be beautiful and clean.


   Her hands and fingers stitched and sewed the colors and yards, silk, velvet, brocade, cotton, laces, bangles, buttons, beads and embroidery threads as delicate as a spider web.  There were clothes for dancing all night or prancing before a band; clothes practical and over-the-moon gorgeous all came together in her hands.

     More than not, they ended up on my body in the “ou’s” and “ah’s” of my friends.

Despite a lack of household hard money I waltzed through my school years with the confidence of the well- dressed teen and right into my years of tight budgets and small babies.

Stalking a good fabric in a sea of bad ones, her hands caressed bolt after bolt of cloth until …. ah, ha, she found the one overlooked by those unaware or seeking the ordinary.

Like any champion claiming the hill, she marched to check-out, her hands holding tight her victory, usually savoring an “on sale” signature.

     Lizzie of Carolina I called her, a fitting designer’s name, though she was too modest to claim it.

     I don’t recall her ever making anything for herself.


     I can see her now, hands to elbows, in another’s hair, braiding and brushing, combing, perming, coloring, shaping, patting. And listening, to someone’s pain to another’s dreams.  It was her perfect cover for comforting, healing, assuring. In process, it paid the bills and served her drive to put right and beautify all things around her, including hair….


….. Or a garden where her hands could call forth flowers from a stubborn patch of land.  She called and they came, into garden after garden, everywhere she lived – dancing daisies and long stemmed lily’s multicolored irises, green or every hue and plants with names so colorful they made you laugh to wonder who called them such in the beginning.



     Rainbows of Light flowed through those hands as she massaged a neck, back and a foot, even when, toward the end, she couldn’t name the body part she served.

    It didn’t matter. The direct channel was from her heart to her hands and needed no words.  Tired, overtime girls, caring for old bodies in the Home, reached for relief from her hands.

          “Miz Lizabeth, would you put those hands on my shoulder.”  She always did and the blessings poured through her.


   She discovered joy in a paint box, her hands becoming as skilled and at ease with brush and color as with the practical arts of the kitchen, colors or garden.

   Then came the passage in time when those efficient, confident hands moved cautiously through drawers and cabinets, no longer sure of which went where with what and …. Why?  When the brain forgot to give her hands instructions, they were restless, running repeatedly over the colored pens and tubs of paint, knowing they were hers, trying to remember why she liked them.


   Near the end, her hands lay quiet as we manicured them. Still, there was a faint little smile when the job was done, perhaps a reminder of her youth when lunch money was paid to the manicurist.

   The last week those elegant hands lay aside her body, occasionally fluttering around the top of a sheet, reaching to hold a Teddy Bear or a waiting hand that needed her assurance, her last anointing of love.

          And then, after ninety-six years of service,

                     they were still, at peace



I wrote the prayer below for a workshop called “Seasons and Cycles”. Songwriter Sarah Warwick from England wrote the music and performed it here. Please feel free to download it. It is offered to you with many blessings.

Download Our Seasons & Cycles Song and Prayer Audio Here

Here are the words:

Spirit of Life, I bow to all your seasons.

I bow to the newborn who begins anew.

I bow to the longing passion of youth.

I bow to the courage of the middle years.

I bow to the enduring love of latter days.

Blessed be all seasons and cycles.

Gloria Karpinski



Gloria offers this on-line course that can be taken at your leisure and at any time. Once you have taken it you also may take it over again as many times as you would like.


 “The title states the intention of all of the courses. With demands on our time and energy growing by the moment, it is important for us to take time to discover and energize our inner resources. Otherwise the intensity of rapid change can pull us into patterns of simply coping and reacting. The mandate now is to synthesize knowledge, self awareness and craftsmanship into illuminated practicality that is centered in Spirit and maintains poise in our material world.”

— Gloria



“Change challenges, relieves, frustrates, threatens, saddens or exhilarates us. Mainly it forces us to grow. It is the mechanism through which nature insures evolution and the way God calls us home.”

—   Gloria


The three classes in the course encourage understanding of the dynamics of changes, offering insights and tools for surviving, thriving and integrating life passages, Methods of releasing the past and affirming the future are offered. New meditations and exercises are presented that reinforce positive transitions and the reduction of stress.

With demands on our time and energy growing by the moment, it is important for us to take time to discover and energize our inner resources, Otherwise the intensity of rapid change can pull us into patterns of simply coping and reacting. The mandate now is to synthesize knowledge, self awareness and craftsmanship into illuminated practicality that is centered in Spirit and maintains poise in our material world.”


Five Reasons you might want to take this course!

  1. You are experiencing change in your life
  2. You want supportive material to deal with challenges.
  3. Time is a challenge. Download anytime in your timing.
  4. One fee. Register on website www.gloriakarpinski.com; create a password; download or return as many times as you would like whenever you would like.
  5. Each class is recorded and visually on screen.
  6. Professional musicians accompany each meditation.
  7. You want an experienced guide that your trust, one whose experience in counseling is broad and deep.

If two people sign up through your referral you will receive as a gift the password for downloading a guided meditation”The River” by Gloria accompanied by flutist, Meredith McIntosh



Register for the class on my website. Total cost $110.00. For groups of four or more $110. 00 for the first and $88.00 (20% off).  These arrangements must be made through our office by calling Libby Isley, Assistant to Gloria at 336-724-2027.

For groups of 10 – After the ending of the course for all, Gloria will host a group chat room for 1 hour. 

The entire course listed below has been posted and is ready to be taken any time.                            

1st Class: Purpose and Passion

In this class we look at our thought patterns through the perspective of understanding the dynamics of transition.

2nd Class: Shifts and Stages in Transitions

Conscious change rarely goes from zero to completion or from comfortable to more comfortable. Exhilarating or scary change moves energy. We’ll explore some tools for consciously embracing and staying balanced as life invites us to stretch to the next place on our path.

3rd Class: Managing the Mission in the

We are both infinite in spirit and very finite in our humanness. During conscious transition energy moves throughout our total self, clearing and cleansing as it goes. The purpose is integration, the anchoring of new insights into daily life. This class will offer supports for the synthesizing process.